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In collaboration with the Amsterdam Andalusisch Orkest, Salon Joussour invites Omar Metioui. This aoud player is one of the leading Andalusian players that studies and revives the Andalusian Classical Music. He plays different kinds of aouds from the early Andalusian times that are almost forgotten. With his Ensemble he revives the Andalusian musical culture. With the musicians from Salon Joussour they will perform a program which combines the different influences from and on the Andsalusian Culture. Music from the medieval times, Flamenco, Sufi music and popular Moroccan music.

Omar Metioui - aoud ramal, aoud sharqi et aoud turc
Ahmed El-Maai - Rbab, alto, qanun
Noureddin Acha - nay
Said Ben Guerch - percussion

Maarten Ornstein - clarinet
Tony Overwater - violone

Grounds, Rotterdam
12 May 2017
17:00: interview musicians
18:00: diner
19:00: concert