Maarten Ornstein | Rima Khcheich | Mike Fentross

If you ever need any proof that music is truly an international language, this is it. A jazz musician, an Arabic singer and a baroque musician united in their love for beautiful songs that enable and inspire them to sing and play their best. Songs from the West and from the East, both old and new. Music by Dawud Hosni, John Dowland, Umm Kutlhum and Tarquinio Merula go side by side, with new lyrics in Arabic fitted to 16th Century Baroque songs and innovative arrangements for the classical Arabic ones. With this bold move these three musicians are setting the pace in crossing the borders between jazz, classical European and Arabic music.

- ‘Maarten Ornstein has proved once more to be an exceptional force in the jazz scene, both as a performer and composer’ -

(Dutch Press)

- ‘Rima Khcheich was the absolute queen of the evening. What a beautiful voice, what moving music’-
(De Volkskrant)

- ‘Mike Fentros, conductor and lutist, is one the most interesting exponents of a new generation of Dutch musicians who focus on Baroque music and authentic playing styles’-
(NRC Dutch Press)

Maarten Ornstein - clarinet, bass clarinet
Rima Khcheich - voice
Mike Fentross - Theorbe, vihuela

In coproduction with Dancing on the Edge

20.00 inleiding
20.30 concert
prijs 16 euro (14 online)

Korzo Theater
Prinsestraat 42
2513 CE Den Haag