Ahmad al KhatibUd player Ahmad Al Khatib was born in Jordan in 1974, to a Palestinian refugee family. He was mentored by the Palestinian Ahmad Abdel Qasem, before he studied cello at the Jordanian Yarmouk University. After graduating he moved to Ramallah in Palestine, where he joined the Oriental music department at Edward Said National Conservatory. In 2002, Al-Khatib was forced to leave Palestine due to the political situation. He settled in Sweden, where he studied methodology at the University of Gothenburg.

Rima KhcheichRima Khcheich, born in Khiam, Lebanon, in 1975. She started her career as a singer of classical Arabic repertoire since her childhood. She has been working with Tony Overwater for over 15 years on developing a contemporary form of classical Arabic music. One of her specialties is Muwashahat. An Arabic musical style, that originated in Andalusia. She teaches at the American University in Beirut and in the USA with composer and musician Simon Shaheen at the Mount Holyoke College as part of the Arabic Music Retreat program.

Javid.BW Javid Afsari Rad was born in Isfahan, central Iran, in 1965. His first mentor on his main instrument Santur was Saeed Naeemi Manesh. At 16 Javid was introduced to Radif, the Persian classical music repertoire, by the masters Parviz Meshkatian and Faramarz Payvar. His studies led him to Norway, where he later graduated from the University of Oslo in the field of Musicology.

Waed2Waed Bou Hassoun is an extraordinary singer/ ud player/composer from Syria who is seen as one of the great new talent from the Middle East. She already played with the Turkish master Kudsi Erguner and is currently involved in projects with the world famous gamba player Jordi Savall. One of her specialties is the world of Sufism (a mystical movement within Islam) and this will be one of the topics of the introductory lecture/workshop.


kheireddineKheir-Eddine M’kachiche, Algerian Violin Player. Khirou as friends and family are use to call him, was born in the Bab el Oued area, by the northen coast of the capital Algiers, on December the 3rd, 1972. Thanks to his father he joined the Algiers Music Conservatory at the age of 11, where he received an appropriate apprenticeship in the traditional Arabo-Andalusian music. His passion and curiosity led him over the years to learn and practice a variety of music styles, many of them unique to the Greater Maghreb.

YoussefYoussef Hbeisch is an Arab percussionist of Palestinian origin, who developed contemporary ways of playing and combining complex Arabian rhythms.
He  plays along some of the most prominent musicians in the Arab region and beyond: Simon Shaheen (Ud player), Süleyman Erguner (Ottoman and Sufi music), Aka Moon (modern jazz), Ibrahim Maalouf (fusion), Bratsch (gypsy , balkan), the Oriental Music Ensemble (classical oriental) and Trio Joubran. He also forms a duo with Ahmad Al Khatib.
Hbeisch studied music and philosophy at the University of Haifa. He now lives in Paris.

kudsi-ergunerLogoKudsi Erguner (born 1952) is a Turkish musician. He is considered a master of traditional Mevlevi Sufi music and is one of the best-known players of the Turkish ney flute. He was born in Diyarbak?r, Turkey in 1952. As a boy, Kudsi studied with his father Ulvi Erguner and attended the Sema of the Mevlevi-Sufi tradition along with other Dervish ceremonies. He started his musical career in Istanbul Radio in 1969. For several decades, he has researched the earliest roots of Ottoman music which he has also taught, performed and recorded.