Tony OverwaterBassist Tony Overwater, has been involved in the Arabic musical scene for over 15 years. His love for the music makes him an enthusiastic advocate of this genre. He won the podium prize 1989, the VPRO Boy Edgar Award in 2003 and an Edison for his cd OP. Tony Overwater has been one of the most prominent jazz musicians in the Netherlands for over 25 years.

"During my travels throughout the Middle East, my connection with Arab artists and collaboration with prominent musicians, I discovered that the amount of  real exchange has been quite small. Most collaborations were often superficial; western music with an oriental edge (Oriental Jazz) or Arabic music with Western chords. It's like trying Arabic cuisine without the spices. What makes the music really special is left out because it is too complex ... or likely it seemed to be too complex. My goal is to let the European audience, artists and musicians, become acquainted with the sophisticated and highly developed culture that has been fascinating me for more than ten years. "
Tony Overwater (initiator)